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Camden Rush Kibler was born 2/28/08 into our loving arms. His smile and cheeks brought
happiness and love to everyone that had a chance to meet him. At 2 months old we noticed he
was having difficulty with his eyes, and was diagnosed with a rare non-terminal skin disease
called JXG. He had eye surgery and was given eye drops to cope with the disease. At four
months old he developed a fever that did not go away and we started noticing lumps forming
on his body. A week later Camden was in the hospital being tested and diagnosed with Acute
Myeloid Leukemia (AML). The original disease that he was given (JXG) was misdiagnosed.
Camden started chemotherapy soon after his diagnosis. Doctors warned us that chemotherapy
would be tough and that Camden would have many side effects that he would have to overcome.
Side effects included nausea/vomitting, mouth sores, possible long term heart conditions,
possible learning difficulties and of course hair loss. Camden endured numerous blood transfusions,
platelet transfusions, nose bleeds and sleepless nights. In the end the cancer was too aggressive
and the chemotherapy was too intense for his little body. Camden passed away on 8/5/08 in our
loving arms. Camden was only with us for five months, but he has touched and changed so many
lives in that amount of time that many believe he was an angel. Camden smiled through all the
doctor's appointments, tests, surgeries, treatments and sleepless nights living in the hospital.
He gave us the best five months of our lives.  

***If you are new to this site please read Camden's story by clicking on the "camden's journey" tab. After he passed we continued to write about the challenges, emotions and our healing process. You can click on "archived daily journey" to read about the past couple of months or click on our "daily journey" tab to read what we are going through this current month.






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